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Praxio Globus integrates lightly and with flexibility the big four areas of your company in a secure fashion and with total control over access

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Praxio Intelligence

Management systems tend to generate a big quantity of data about all departments of your transportation company. This can cause lagging in some important and more strategic analyses.

Praxio Intelligence is a system that brings the necessary lightness to a profound analysis of all that data. It achieves this in a quick and safe fashion. You can decide the most relevant information in a way that pleases you.

Praxio Intelligence allows you to consult analyses dashboards and still generates alerts that indicate when certain solutions are not according to the standard.

  • Payments / Non-payments;
  • IPC/IPV/IPK/Gratuity;
  • Revenue and volume by sender / recipient / service takers / Federation Unit;
  • Trips by clients / extra trips / canceled trips / utilized vehicles;
  • Expired quotes / Quotes to expire / Quotes by agency;
  • MKBF / SOS/ Corrective measures;
  • Km/L / Cost by kilometer;
  • Orders received / Orders to receive / Orders Past Due / Purchases;
  • Car consumption / CPK.


The organization and analysis of the information is the difference between profit and loss.