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Praxio Manu360

The routine of the fleet manager involves decisions that directly impact the operational performance of the transportation company, especially in relation to the routine of its repair shop.

Praxio Manu360, integrated to your maintenance system, makes the following possible:

• Complete management of the repair shop;
• Better adequacy of resources (workforce, space);
• Quick visualization of the status of processes through panels;
• Analysis of the status of each vehicle, from the opening of the service order to the delivery of the vehicle.

All the management of the repair shop in the _____ Panel.

• Control of mechanics’ availability;
• Follow services in execution;
• Verify the status of each service order;
• Identify with alerts what is past its delivery time.

After receiving the SO, the mechanics log all their tasks until conclusion directly in a totem, tablet, cell phone or desktop computer, in an efficient manner.