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Praxio Manu360

A fleet manager’s routine involves decisions that directly impact a transport company’s operations, especially in relation to the day to day operation of its vehicle repair shop.

Praxio Manu360 is integrated with the maintenance system, making the following possible:

  • Complete management of the vehicle repair shop;
  • Better allocation of resources (workforce and space);
  • Quick visualization of consolidated and individual repair processes through dashboards;
  • Individual analysis per vehicle, from the opening of the service order to completion.
  • Registration and control of physical and virtual repair stations
  • Control of mechanics’ availability and allocation;
  • Monitoring of service execution;
  • Updated status of each service order;
  • Repair station panel, illustrating all allocated vehicles in execution and behind schedule.
  • Ability to log all tasks in a mobile platform, desktop computer or dedicated totem.